Foster The People

—Coming Of Age

Foster The People | Coming Of Age

And when my fear pulls me out to sea
And the stars are hidden by my pride and my enemies
I seem to hurt the people that care the most
Just like an animal I protect my pride
When I’m too bruised to fight
And even when I’m wrong I tend to think I’m right

Well, I’m bored of the game
And too tired to rage

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Arctic Monkeys

—Do Me A Favour

Arctic Monkeys - Do Me A Favour

Do me a favour, break my nose!
Do me a favour, tell me to go away!
Do me a favour, stop asking questions!

She walked away, well her shoes were untied,
And the eyes were all red,
You could see that we’ve cried, and I watched and I waited,
'Till she was inside, forcing a smile and waving goodbye.

Curiousity becomes a heavy load,
Too heavy to hold, too heavy to hold.
Curiousity becomes a heavy load,
Too heavy to hold, will force you to be cold.

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The Black Keys

—Gotta Get Away

The Black Keys - Gotta Get Away

I got paid when I was on the road
In a heartbeat, Mama said Mama said
You got a one track mind, but you ain’t gonna get all the time
She wasn’t lyin’

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Death Cab For Cutie

—Crooked Teeth

Cause I built you a home in my heart,
With rotten wood, it decayed from the start.

Cause you can’t find nothing at all,
If there was nothing there all along.
No you can’t find nothing at all,
If there was nothing there all along.

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John Green in his toast at his brother’s wedding.

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There’s a song by Baz Luhrmann called Sunscreen. He says worrying about the future is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blind sides you at 4 p.m. on some idle Tuesday.
Then I laid on my back awhile
and I shot out the stars one by one
and then
I shot out the moon
and then I walked around
and shot out every light
in town,
and pretty soon it began to get dark
real dark
the way I like it…

— Charles Bukowski, What A Man I Was. 

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you ever get in those moods where a family member just opens their mouth and youre like


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